Acts 15:36-40

Have you ever wondered where God is in the midst of a fallout? Is God only in control of the good things in life and not the bad things? This week we are looking at the fallout that happened between two powerhouse leaders in the church and How god turned a bad situation into something helpful! Live stream us as we look at Acts 15:36-41


Small Group / Family Discussion


·         Our mistakes are not enough to stop God from work God can redeem good out of evil, yet we are all held accountable for the evil we do, even if God ends up bringing good out of the evil

  1.    Is there a Fallout / Mistake you (emotionally) believe God can’t use?
  2.     If you believed God could use your mistake to work in people’s lives What do you think it would like? What is God asking you to do about it?   ·        
  3. Are there broken relationships you have w/ people in ministry? What would it look like (on your part) – to make things right)