Your First Visit to Manor Gospel Church

We know going to a new church for the first time can be nerve-racking. We want to help make your first experience  a great one! We hope our website answers all your questions about Manor! When you come to Manor for the first time, let us know you are here! Manor is a friendly place and someone would love to show you your way around!

What Happens in a Church Service?

In total, a Manor service  can be an hour and half ish. Services begin with  a worship band leading the church in music. The song lyrics are projected onto the screens so you can sing along and/or engage with worship however you feel most comfortable. After the music portion of service is complete, there is a time of prayer.  After that, our  pastor will come out to share an encouraging and hope-filled message about Jesus.

What About my Kids?

At Manor, we want to make children a priority. Kids are welcome to stay with their parents or take part in our kids programs.


During the Service:

  • Nursery: A staffed nursery is available throughout the service for the children ages 6 months and up to and including 2 years of age.  
  • Children Church: The Children Church program is for ages 3-6.  This program takes place downstairs during the sermon.
What do I wear?
  • We're not concerned with what you wear. Manor is made of up people from different backgrounds, life stages, and personalities - just dress as you feel comfortable.