Acts 15:1-35

What is the Message About?

We know that anyone can be transformed by the story of Jesus! It's awesome. However we sometimes have a tendency to take the best news in the world and twist into the worst news for the world.  Join us this Sunday as we discover how we twist it and how we can avoid this mistake!



Family Questions

I think it would be a good idea to gather your family around the table and take some time to digest this message. Here are som questions to help you discuss.  Questions a

Use the following questions to review the Head (What does God want me to know?), Heart (What does God want me to value?), and Hands (What does God want me to do?) aspects of the message.

• What were the intentions of the religious leaders in setting up additional regulations for following God rightly? Is it possible for good motives to add to the gospel and create legalism?

• What are some behaviors/practices in the modern church that can become or be considered legalistic behavior?

• What is the difference between engaging in devoted service toward God and performing those same actions in a legalistic manner?

• How can we engage in spiritual disciplines and godly behavior without allowing ourselves to become legalistic?

• To whom do we need to confess or apologize for any legalistic behavior or legalistic burdens that we have placed on others?

• Circumcision was commanded by God to be a sign of His people’s (the Jews) covenant relationship with Him. How did Peter’s argument concerning the giving of the Holy Spirit as a sign of their conversion indicate that circumcision was no longer needed as a physical sign of following God?

• What kind of slavery does legalism place on people to please God in their own power?

• In what areas of our lives might we need to ask God to restore our joy because we have been trying to earn His grace?

• What were some areas of indifference (non-essential beliefs or practices) inside the early New Testament Church, particularly between Gentiles and Jews?   What are some matters of indifference in our lives today, especially considering cultural and denominational differences?  

• How does living in the freedom of God’s grace give us the responsibility to be sensitive to the beliefs and cultures of others, particularly when trying to reach them with the Gospel?

• Have we or others responded in any way towards an issue of indifference that is potentially causing us to jeopardize God’s mission?

• How does legalism threaten our mission and obscure God’s Glory?  

• What is the clear message of the Gospel upon which we must never compromise?

• How can we take steps to learn and develop essential convictions of the gospel? Respond . . . 

• What are some of the main truths that God wants you to know from the message?

• How do your thoughts need to adjust to align with these truths?

• According to the truths from the message, what does God want you to value?

  • How do your values need to change to align with His values?

• What actions does God want you to take according to the truths of this message?

• What is an action that you can start to implement today or tomorrow?