Acts 11:19-30

This week Dan Jester from Prairie Bible College, discusses the church in Antioch and helps us see that God can uses normal people do accomplish supernatual things!


Dan is Gretchen Jester’s husband, the dad of three kids, Corbynne Rachel, Simeon Thomas, and Samuel Judah, and currently traveling the world teaching Believers in Christ to share their stories of eternal redemption. He was called to youth ministry and evangelism at the age of 16 at a Luis Palau Festival in Washington State and has spent the years since that time being molded by an ever-loving, ever-challenging God and Father who has never let him out of that commitment he made that night! Dan has spent the last 31 years as a pastor, speaker, evangelist, counselor and college admissions director traveling the world in search of great coffee and interesting people! He is the Founder and President of Apprentice Ministries and… desires nothing more than to encourage students in middle school and high school to know they are worth more than they could ever imagine!

Dan just recently joined the family at Prairie College in Alberta, Canada. If you asked him he would tell you, “I would never have seen myself as a college professor, but God knows what He is doing better than I do, so I will trust His plan.” Dan is the professor and director of the Youth Ministry (BAM) at Prairie College and looks forward to empowering the next generation of youth leaders to transform the lives of students around the world.