"We Purpose to be a worshipping, growing, and caring missionary church family"


Each Individual who regularly associates with Manor

Purpose to be -

 A recognition that we, on an individual bases and as a church family, are not perfect, but deliberately choose to become as Christ intends us to think and act. Realizing we are meant to live in community we commit to being vulnerable, trusting others to hold us accountable Romans 3:23 Romans 12:1-2 Phil 2:12,14

 A Worshiping –

 We believe that worship is our appropriate response to God’s nature attributes and claims. Our personal response is to daily live our lives holy and pleasing to God. As a church community we envision worship to intelligent, orderly, and inspirational, Roman 11:33- 12:1 John 4:24 1 Peters 2:5 1 Corinthians 14:40


 “Growing” – We intentionally strive toward spiritual maturity and increase the universal body of Christ numerically, spiritually Phil 1:91 1 Cor 3:1-3 1 Cor 14:20  Ps 117:1 Ps 150:6 Acts 2:47


 Caring – We intention strive to recognize needs and hurts. W commit to provide help and an environment of healing both within and outside our church community Acts 2:44-45

Missionary –

  Missionary  we understand our missionary focus to be an act of worship not merely an activity but a lifestyle. Our missionary focused living should influence both local and global community Matt 28:19-20

Church Family

 Church Family – We are an interdependent community where unique individuals are unified through personal relationships with Jesus Christ 1  Cor 12:12-27