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Hey Everyone!


 I hope everyone is doing well! Many of you have been asking what we are doing this Sunday! With all of the daily changes to restrictions, we thought it was a good idea to live stream the sevice ( Pastor Dan to try in a Drive In church - but it's too cold for that). Lane has been working really hard to set it up. Here's a few things we would to let you know about live Streaming

  1. We will stream the service live - Sunday @ 10:30 am - please stay home
  2. The Service will be up to view @ 10:30 am on Sunday
  3. Go to to view. Click on "View Live Stream"
  4. Help us test it, - click the link and see if it works, you should see a video of the Tim and Lane
  5. Invite a Friend to live stream - This a great way for people to see what church is like without stepping inside. Invite a friend to church this Sunday 
  6. Sing Along if (Even if it's awkward)
  7. Don't watch in back ground - Gather the whole family around the TV - make it a focused time.
  8. Remember to say thank you to Lane for all the work he did to make this work. 
  9. If you can't watch @ 10:30 - it will be posted later.
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