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 I want to be extremely careful not to make prayer a legalistic thing, "You must pray exactly like this or you're a bad Christian" Or "Unless your pray exactly for this amount of time You are a bad Christian" Jesus warns us ". 7And when you pray, do not babble on like pagans, for they think that by their many words they will be heard.  - Matt 6:7. I don't want this Hour of prayer to turn into that. 


The Hour of Prayer Challenge goal is simply a way to pray,  not THE way to pray.  Prayer involves a lot of waiting and waiting does not come naturally to me so I tend to have quick prayers, not out of sincerity, but out of impatience. If you take the Hour of a prayer challenge, you're going to find it awkward, Frustrating, and clumsy, but  you mind find it helpful as well

If you're struggling to know what to pray for an Hour, Here is a guide (Again it's a Guide, not law). I've included two suggestions. One suggestion is written below. The other suggestion is a video link. Either will work


Adoration  Spend  20 in Worship. Pull out your favorite Hymn or Worship Song, 

Confession  - Spend 10 Min talking to God about where you're sinful nature showed itself this week And works through anything specific things you need to forgive

Thanksgiving  Spend 10 minutes recalling specific ways that God has blessed you and thank him for it. It can be how someone has helped you, an answered prayer, something new you are looking forward to, an act of kindness, or just something God has been speaking to you about

Dialogue - Spend 10 min pouring your heart about, about day, your family your troubles - whatever is on your heart 

Intercession / Supplication  - Spend the last 10 praying for people and other people's prayer requests