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Mid Week Activity Update         

        The Board has decided to suspend all mid-week activities at the church. We realize that most groups are smaller than 50 people, but given how quickly the situation has changed, and the workload of cleaning the church we felt it would be better to hold off. This is something we will be evaluating on a week by week Basis.


Sunday Service Update

Due to the new rules Alberta health has laid out we cannot gather in groups larger than 50. We have chosen to livestream the service. We know many churches are also live streaming as well. However we see this as an  opportunity to live stream as a way to invite people to church, who don’t normally go to church. Think of it as a baby step for people tontake. We’ll be taking a couple of Sundays to address  circumstances that Co-vid has caused us to face               

  You can stream the service live @ 10:30 am by clicking here.